December 11, 2005

New Labour attacks Freedom of Speech ... again

The Inside Of My Head (via Great Britain, not little England) is posting about how New Labour has finally found a way of getting rid of the great Brian Haw.

Banning all protest within a kilometer of Parliament Square didn't work. Something had to be done to save New Labour from the horror of seeing someone with actual principles freely expressing their views day after day. They seem to have finally found something. Mr Haw has been arrested for breaching the peace, while he was asleep.
Mr Haw may be a dedicated peace activist and human rights award nominee to some but to the two constables standing over him, he was a criminal. "I'm not breaching the peace. I'm fighting for it," he said indignantly.
The Labour Party, not to be confused with fascist New Labour that has parasitically attached itself to it appears to be waking up to it's infection
John McDonnell MP, chairman of the Campaign Group of Labour MPs, added there was an increasing build-up of anger in Parliament: "Freedom of speech has never been under such attack in the UK and it is shameful this is happening under a Labour government. We need a concerted campaign in Parliament and if necessary in the courts to counter this full-frontal attack on our centuries' old democratic rights."
You only just noticed Mr McDonnell?


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